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Welcome to our Sport News page. Here, you will find out all about our current and upcoming events. 

Pachuca International Tournament

We are so excited to announce that our club will be participating in the International Tournament in Pachuca, Mexico., this coming March 21-28. The Tournament will be hosted at the Pachuca Professional Soccer Facilities, such as the University Pachuca Club. There is nothing better in soccer than to be scouted  and affiliated to a Professional team like Pachuca.

Soccer Clinic

March 4, 5 and 6, we will be hosting a soccer clinic run by professional soccer players from Mexico, Damian Alvarez and Aldo de Ninigris. This soccer clinic will be at our soccer complex, at Daniel's Soccer Field Sport Center, San Pedro. During these three days, players will have the opportunity to increase levels of soccer and be evaluated at a personal level. Participants will receive a jersey and a short, as well as the opportunity to be scauted by our club, San Pedro Pachuca FC. You can miss this great opportunity! For details about this clinic, please contact our staff.


WhatsApp at +52 81 2436 9008

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